Acro Yoga

Have you ever watched acrobats in stunned amazement? Or felt your jaw hit the floor watching Cirque du Soleil perform? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to fly?

I cordially invite you to Acro Yoga where with playfulness, creativity, and trust we defy gravity! The images below demonstrate some of the simple things that you can do after just one class (these photos are from 2009):

What is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga blends the exciting beauty of acrobatics with the peaceful connection of yoga. Together two (or more) people interact through positions of balance and grace. This practice can be more therapeutic and massage oriented or more acrobatic and performing arts oriented. Pictures drastically take these mere words into comprehension, but actually flying in one of these positions is the only way to fully understand what an amazing (and addictive!) practice this is. For more information please check out my other site

Acro Yoga Classes

The Atlanta Acroyoga community has grown leaps and bounds since I created this little web page! I have taken a step back from teaching public classes, however we have a wonderful coalition of Acro Yoga teachers. Please visit the Atlanta Acroyoga page for class information, schedules, and more.


Pictures and time-lapse videos from previous Acro Yoga gatherings:

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