Lots of teachers excel in knowing the poses, the architecture of the body, the flow of a class, etc., and Todd is certainly one of those experts. But what really makes a class with Todd a fantastic and unique experience is his presence with what is happening in the class as a whole and with individual students. He is deeply attentive– each pose seems to spring fluidly from what happened the moment before, each verbal instruction is expressed by what seems to be a new idea or image that just that second occurred to him, each adjustment for a particular student feels wholly cognizant of where that practitioner is and what deeper, fuller reach is possible. His classes are challenging, always fresh and unpredictable, always an invitation to expand our physical capabilities so that by the time we reach savasana, we’re there with a stretched awareness and clearness of mind that, to me, is the point of yoga in the first place. — Rebekah, June 2008

…your classes always leave me feeling so good. I appreciate everything from your adjustments to your soft speaking voice to your varied and unique classes. — Lauren, February 2009

Acro Yoga

Basing guys twice my size, contorting into breathtaking positions, feeling present in my body like never before… this is damned addictive stuff! –Xiah, June 2008

If my 51-year old mother can do it so can you! — Xiah, May 2008

I thought the way you steadied those of us who were a little shakier was pretty remarkable. The positions you showed us reminded me of the level that human relationships seek: support balanced against trust. I particularly appreciated your patient reminders to us wobblier ones that, even when we were certain we were falling, we were safe. Thanks for that. — Cole, May 2008

Thai Massage

After the massage: Please pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming! — Elizabeth, January 2009