Client Tracker App

Thank YOU for volunteering to beta test this app! To install please follow this link on your phone. After it’s downloaded tap the download in your downloads section and follow the instructions on your phone from there. Since this is not installed through the normal playstore/appstore your phone will verify that you’re meaning to install it. It’s ok I promise. The app does request access to your Contacts in order to present them as potential clients. If you encounter any problems please notify me and/or if you would prefer any features or anything to work differently please tell me! You are my customers, please help me make a better product and thank you!

Currently available only for Android phones, I’ve written an app to track sessions with clients. This can work for yoga teachers, personal trainers, and the like. The concept is simple: I have multiple clients that prepay 10 or so sessions at a time. I have to keep track of each one they use over weeks and months. I wrote this app to handle this simple case keeping a historical record of my clients. It works both as a simple session counter and a more complicated time counter. Meaning it’ll also track time down to the minute, so a client can buy 10 hours and use 30 minutes one time, an hour and 15 another time, etc.

Later this’ll be available for Apple phones. Little known secret: Apple charges developers. Yes, I have to pay Apple in order to make this free app available on Apple phones. That means I’ll have to charge Apple people for the app. Thanks Apple.

Fire Boxes

Built for regional burns as our gift of fire art to the community, the Burn Boxes are little boxes hooked up to large tanks of propane and wirelessly connected to a computer. As music is played through the computer, beats are detected in real time signalling the boxes to shoot bursts of flame into the air at varying heights. The bigger the beat, the bigger the boom!

Here’s a video from Alchemy in 2009 demonstrating what these boxes do. Much like a graphic equalizer made out of fire.

Light Towers

Also built for regional burns as a compliment to the burn boxes, the Led Towers stand 5 feet tall and act like a cylindrical TV screen. Inside is one vertical strip of LEDs that spin around the vertical shaft at a high rate of speed. Creating what’s called Persistence of Vision (POV) the human eye is tricked into seeing a transparent hologram like display. The towers are also wirelessly connected to a computer which generates multiple effects from slideshows to videos to music driven graphical effects.

Here’s a couple videos, one from Afterburn in 2012 the other from the Winter White Party in 2013. Making a video was very difficult as the camera is not as easily fooled as the human eye. A 32fps video looks horrible, so instead I took a series of pictures with 1/8s and 1/13s shutter speeds and strung them together into a stop frame looking video. This particular video demonstrates the slideshow effect. I captured all 3000 thumbnails from the Transformus Facebook group and played them through, you might even recognize some of these burners.


The above equipment is available for your club, rave, concert, or even your next birthday party or Bar Mitzvah! Contact me for pricing information or if you would like similar custom built technologies.


I’d always wondered what would happen if I hooked my piano up to my computer using the MIDI connection. After tinkering for a while I developed this music visualization software which plays notes visually. Notes are assigned customizable colors and are played visually on the screen based on location on the keyboard, relative distance from the last note played, note intensity, and other factors. Over time the visualization took on a life of its own; I was stunned by how beautiful it was and by how much more of the music I heard when I was able to see it. Thus PrIDI was born, a very pretty music intrument digital interface.

Here’s a rather long demo of the program in use playing Chopin’s Ballade in G minor, Opus 23:

Yoga Studio Management Software

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