Corporate/Group Yoga

Interested in bringing yoga to your corporate office? Todd’s first yoga teaching position was at his office years ago where he taught during lunch. Those who took his class were profoundly impacted, the rest of their work day was spent much happier and with greatly reduced stress. As his class size grew, the level of office frustration noticeably decreased and the level of office camaraderie increased (as observed by fellow employees and the HR department).

Yoga can bring these same benefits to your workplace. It is a great way to start the day fresh, a delightful lunch treat, or a wonderful way to finish the day (and a nice alternative to sitting in traffic). Yoga has been proven to reduce stress, increase mobility, improve health, and in the long run make for healthier employees. More to the point, it can affect the bottom line by decreasing tension, decreasing health problems, and increasing employee morale.