Below are links to the 4 padas (chapters or feet) that comprise Patanali’s yoga sutras. These were compiled from two different texts (T. K. V. Desikachar’s The Heart of Yoga and Vyaas Houston’s The Yoga Sutra Workbook) both of which having subtle differences and numerous inconsistencies. My effort in merging the two was to remove as many inconsistencies as possible creating as accurate a representation as I could.

The sanskrit and transliteration were generated using a nifty little Windows program called Itranslator. This program is not only a neat thing to play around with but it also installs the fonts necessary to view these pages. Please be sure to download, run, and install this software before clicking on the links below. Here’s a brief pronunciation guide to help out.

If you notice any errors or you have other texts that might help resolve any inconsistencies please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!

Attention Macintosh users: you must install the Devanagari MT font from your OS installation disc. Insert disc 1 and run the Install Other Program (or something like that). Select Additional Fonts or All Fonts, etc. Without these fonts you will not be able to view these pages.

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