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Reclining Hero

5 minutes

Set Up:

Stack & stagger the blankets lengthwise. Come to kneeling position with the blankets behind you, the first blanket should be either under your hips or under your sacrum, depending on your comfort level. Slowly lie back on the remainder of your blankets. If you feel pressure on the front of your ankles, slide an extra blanket in front of them. If you feel discomfort behind or around your knees, increase your blanket height and/or place an extra blanket behind or underneath your knees. Option: Extend legs out straight, weight top of thighs with blanket.

Purpose Of The Pose:

Opens the respiratory tract – the throat, bronchial tubes, and upper lungs.
Reduces fatigue in the legs from walking or standing.
Also relieves indigestion and nausea by lifting the diaphragm off the stomach and liver.

Sensory Guidance:

This pose may feel unusual at first, so give yourself time to settle in.
Let the top of your thighs drop toward the floor.
Your chest will begin to feel lighter and expand more with each breath.
As you inhale, allow the top of your chest to expand horizontally, accessing more lung tissue.
Welcome the breath warmly like a visitor then gently release it upon departure.