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Supported Childs Pose with Twist

5 minutes Childs Pose, 5 minutes Twist each side

Set Up for Childs Pose:

Begin kneeling knees wider than hip width apart & blankets stacked in front of you lengthwise – point toes straight back. Slide blankets between thighs, snug against lower belly.

Sit back on heels. Torso should be completely supported by blankets & thighs. First turn head to right, later turn head to left. Arms wrap forward around edge of blankets or on floor along sides, palms up.

Set Up for Twist:

Bring upper body up, shift knees to left of bolster, rotate torso to right and release back down over bolster. Initially turn head to left, can later turn head to right. Repeat on opposite side.

Purpose Of The Pose:

Creates a counter pressure on the abdomen relieves tension and stretches the lower back. All the physiological measures of stress are reduced; fatigue is diminished. Evokes a sense of security. Pose of introversion, curling up & reconnecting with feeling of support & release.

Sensory Guidance:

Let your shoulders move away from your ears.
Let your belly relax and feel supported.
Let the responsibilities of life roll off your back for the next few minutes as you rest in the safety of this egg shape. Trust your body to settle completely into the harmony of here and now – just the present moment.