Yoga for Athletes

Todd was an athlete long before he was a yogi, thus he fully understands what it is like to enter into the practice of yoga as an uncomfortable inflexible novice. It was only after years of yoga that he was able to actually touch his toes in a forward fold! Athletes are strong, great at what they do, and extremely competitive. But yoga is not a competition and must be entered into with much humility and no ego. In fact, yoga done competitively is the surest way to injury.

Yoga wonderfully compliments any athletic training you pursue. Runners increase their body awareness, finding longer hamstrings, thus a longer stride, and most importantly a faster time. Bikers, after long hours in the saddle, tend to suffer from tight hips and often times develop sciatic pain. A complimentary yoga practice will alleviate this, as well as help free the hamstrings so that they can work independently to help strengthen every pedal stroke. Swimmers find looser shoulders and increased stamina. The list goes on…

Yoga will improve your strength, your cardiovascular system, your flexibility, your stride, and can help prevent injury. Private Yoga is a wonderful way to initiate yourself to the practice by removing any sort of discomfort (like being the only person in a yoga class unable to touch their toes!) or helping to put aside the competitive ego.